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Every year, several million children in the U.S. find themselves living in a home overwhelmed by a crisis. Poverty, loss of job or a home can often result in children being neglected or worse. Compound those issues with many families living in isolation with no community to fall back on or stand in the gap.


This is where we come in. Safe Families provide a safe home for children and a supportive community for parents while they get back on their feet. Parents are provided with the space and support they need to address the issues impacting their ability to provide the best environment for their children. This network of relationships keep children from entering the foster care system, and ultimately, helps keeps families together. The goal is family reunification.


There are many ways to get involved with the Safe Families for Children movement. Find your calling in one of the roles listed below.

Our Circle of Support


Family Friends encourage and strengthen families in crisis by performing small tasks.


If you are looking for a truly rewarding experience, consider becoming a Host Family. You will make a lasting impression on a child in need and possibly change the trajectory of a family

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As a Resource Friend, you can provide items to families struggling with life challenges. Let’s face it, we all have extra items or unused stuff, such as furniture and bicycles. Donating these items can help meet critical needs of families.

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Volunteer Family Coaches plays a vital role in Safe Families by helping parents get back on their feet.

Become a Ministry Lead.

Serves as a liaison between SFFC and church volunteers

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